Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Mom

My mom passed away on November 25, 2014 from Pancreatic Cancer. She was diagnosed in April of that same year.  It was shocking and fast and an incredibly hard thing to watch.  I miss her very much. I am the only girl in a family, with 4 boys.  My mom and I were always very close, even growing up I never had times when I didn't like her or we didn't get along. We are a lot alike and that is probably why we really enjoyed being with each other. She is my best friend and someone that I always told pretty much everything. As I got married and moved to a different state than my mom she and I started to make lists of things to tell each other. Neither of us like to talk on the phone so we would make a list and then every Sunday we would go over the long list of things we wanted to tell the each other. The list would range from books we had read and loved to funny things we saw on TV to hilarious things my kids or other Grand kids had done.  Since she has passed there have been so many times I've thought of something I want to tell her. I miss hearing her perspective and being able to laugh about the things that only she and I would find funny in the same way.  It's hard to lose that sounding board in your life. And so, for purely selfish reasons, I am going to write letters to my Mom. I want a place where I can write all those things I didn't get to tell her and all the things I still want to say.

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